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Important Tips to Remember When Writing SEO Friendly Content

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Important Tips to Remember When Writing SEO Friendly Content

Your content must be original and must contain no plagiarism

This doesn’t mean that you have to put up something new. It means that whatever you write must not be the exact copy of some other website. Google has a knack for seeking duplicate content and they have all the rights to not rank a web page containing copied content. All they do is index the web pages that cater to the user queries and if your pages are unique, it gives more chances to the user to revisit your page. Talk to Singapore seo consultants to know more about SEO content management.

Image optimization

Images make the content look interesting, less tiring and easier to read as well. They are also deemed favorable for the search engines as it helps you understand and learn more about the page you are working on. For making the most of the image optimization, always use images that entail necessary copyrights. You may also need to optimize the image size because oversized images make the website run slow. Always use ALT text to describe the image and don’t forget to use the keywords too. Always use meaningful file image names rather than numbers or any unassociated characters.